Jet lag

The furthest I’ve travelled across timezones is 3 hours so I’ve never really experienced jet lag before and didn’t think much of it before we left.  London is 7 hours behind Singapore and today I was feeling so out of it I didn’t take any useful photos.  So instead I found the most ridiculous 80’s photo collage to represent my feelings of stylish despair.


Hopefully I’ll be over the jet lag tomorrow.

3 Replies to “Jet lag”

  1. How did the kids do? Any tricks to pass on for helping them over it? Or reassurances to help parents tolerate them while they get over it in their own time? 🙂

    We’re yet to try proper jet lag with the kids – 2 hours or so out of their zone is the closest they’ve come.

  2. The kids did OK. We tried to get them out walking in the sunshine during the day because that’s supposed to help and didn’t plan anything in particular for a few days. After a full day of travelling everyone just needed a lot of rest. So if you can manage it, arrive later in the day, because everyone is tired and can roll into bed and hopefully have a good sleep til morning.

    Arriving to long summer days was lovely, but I think the extra sunshine made it harder to adjust in some ways because we couldn’t really get the hang of getting everyone to bed at a reasonable hour. In fact, we’re still working on that one!

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