Images from The South Bank, London

While we were hanging around in England we experienced some beautiful weather.  Bet many of you haven’t heard that before!  One of those lovely sunny days was spent in London.  I don’t have much to write about London at this stage, because we didn’t really do a comprehensive visit.  I will say I was impressed at how clean it was.  The tube stations, the streets and people.  So much of it was very clean for such a big city.  Admittedly we didn’t see all parts of London, we only spent a few days here and there.  I also found the English people very friendly and so polite! Here is a few images from The South Bank. It’s has an interesting vibe that combines touristy and hipster.  Check it out.

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  1. Great photos – we love the Southbank, every time we are in London we always walk from the London Eye to Tower Bridge – so much to see. We haven’t been this year so great to look at your pics and remember what we’re missing!

    1. Thanks for your comment. We loved the horses too. We really just wandered around the South Bank, so I have not much information except for the general vibe. I have other posts about England and our travels in the works though. (:

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