Hannover, Germany and that red line.

We only had one day to explore Hannover because we were on our mission to reach Sweden for Midsommar.  Unfortunately that one day had pretty miserable weather.  Thankfully it didn’t rain much, but it often threatened to and the skies were grey.  The very long drive and our tricky arrival also did not put us in the best mood.  The GPS system had not been informed that certain streets had become one way and construction was going on all over the place.  Just as in Lille, we made a few loops around the CBD before we could work out how to access our hotel, even though we could see it on each loop. The hotel was clean and large and we were grateful. Then we found some dinner and rested up for a day of sight-seeing.

Hannover has developed an interesting and useful system to explore the main landmarks of the city: The Red Thread. When I first heard of this red line, I thought it meant a red line was marked on a city map that you could use to take a self-guided tour. Instead it was actually a red line painted on the ground that you diligently follow to all the sights. And follow it we did. Continue reading “Hannover, Germany and that red line.”