Hannover, Germany and that red line.

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Hannover, Germany and that red line.

We only had one day to explore Hannover because we were on our mission to reach Sweden for Midsommar.  Unfortunately that one day had pretty miserable weather.  Thankfully it didn’t rain much, but it often threatened to and the skies were grey.  The very long drive and our tricky arrival also did not put us in the best mood.  The … Read More

SummerHannover, Germany and that red line.

Fun Food in Germany

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We were in Hannover, Germany very briefly, but there were still some fun food finds. Also see a Postcard from Rich, if you want a look at what we think was called “currywurst.” Apparently it was sausages covered in a curry sauce and piles of deep fried onion flakes, though, again, we’re not entirely sure. As you can probably gather, … Read More

SummerFun Food in Germany