Møns Klint. The White Chalk Cliffs of Møn, Denmark


A trip to Møn would not be complete without a visit to Møns Klint.  These white chalk cliffs are one of the highest points of Denmark, with a 120 m drop to the beach below and they are stunning.

When you arrive at the site, you are greeted with the Geocentre where you can learn about the cliffs, their formation and also the value of chalk.  It is very interactive and very thorough. We really enjoyed interacting with the exhibits, including chipping away at a crusty piece of dried mud to find a (plastic) dinosaur tooth, or was it a toe nail?

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The most amazing BnB on the island of Møn, Denmark

Mon Denmark BnB

This lovely BnB we found on the island of Møn, Denmark was amazing. Out-of-the-movies type of amazing.  Perhaps I was still high from the ferry ride and the excitement from the beginnings of our adventures, but it truly felt like I was dreaming being in this extraordinary place. Take a look at the pictures and you will begin to know what I mean.

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Love is in the Detail: A review of Støberiet in Stege, Denmark.


The decision to visit the island of Møn in Denmark was more born of convenience on our journey to Växjö for Midsommar, than a thoughtful addition to our touring itinerary.  It was also a little bit magical.  I was enchanted from the moment we lined up for our ferry ride.  Ferry rides nearly always make me feel like an excited child.  Then came the beautiful flat rural landscape, gorgeous B’n’B where we stayed and the wonderful restaurant we stumbled on.  And it is that last subject I’ll write about today.

One of my favourite cliches is “Love is in the detail.”  For me the phrase captures the idea that when people execute a project with great tenderness and great passion, often you will discover those feelings carried through all levels of the project, right down to the finest detail because it really matters to the creator that it’s all executed ‘properly.’  Experiencing something created this way is one of the greatest joys in life and that is exactly what happened at Støberiet in the small Danish town called Stege on the island of Møn. Continue reading “Love is in the Detail: A review of Støberiet in Stege, Denmark.”