Kronoberg Castle Ruins, Sweden

After the wonderful Midsommar celebrations (read about them here), the weather turned and grey clouds and fresh winds rolled in.  The moody weather was quite fitting for our visit to the nearby Kronoberg Castle ruins. It was a very dramatic location, with the castle on an island in a lake which we accessed across a rickety bridge. It becomes even more dramatic in the wintertime when the lake freezes over and snow covers the area.

Scroll past image mosaic to read more. Click on an image to view a larger version and enter the slideshow.  This is another photo heavy post because Rich and I love taking photos and also because Scandinavia is so amazingly photogenic. 

I’m not very good at paying attention to historical details, but I think structure was originally built in the 1400’s and featured in several battles between the Swedes and Danes.  One of our favourite facts was how enemies waited until the surrounding lake was frozen over so they could approach and attack more easily. Imagine that, waiting for subzero conditions to make your task easier. Continue reading “Kronoberg Castle Ruins, Sweden”