Møns Klint. The White Chalk Cliffs of Møn, Denmark

A trip to Møn would not be complete without a visit to Møns Klint.  These white chalk cliffs are one of the highest points of Denmark, with a 120 m drop to the beach below and they are stunning.

When you arrive at the site, you are greeted with the Geocentre where you can learn about the cliffs, their formation and also the value of chalk.  It is very interactive and very thorough. We really enjoyed interacting with the exhibits, including chipping away at a crusty piece of dried mud to find a (plastic) dinosaur tooth, or was it a toe nail?

Once we had spent a good amount of time at the Geocentre we headed out to investigate the Møns Klint in real life.  There is a descent of just over nine hundred steps, but it’s not difficult and the children had no trouble.  At the bottom is a pebble beach and an amazing view of the cliffs.  We visited later in the day when the cliffs were in shade, but I imagine it would be quite glaring if you were to catch them in full sunlight.

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…Continued from above.

The area had a very majestic feel.  The colours, the fresh air and the light were all beautiful.  I love listening to the sound of waves at the beach, even when it’s very calm, like it was when we were visiting.  We wandered along the beach and the kids had a great time finding rocks and driftwood.  I had a great time taking too many photographs.  Then came the climb back up the stairs.  I was grateful for the little resting bench seats along the way, but it honestly wasn’t too taxing.

Afterwards Rich conceded to me driving the car.  This lasted about five minutes on a deserted rural road.  I couldn’t handle Rich looking like he feared for his life and he couldn’t handle the fear.  For me it wasn’t as difficult as I had thought. Rich may have thought otherwise because I asked whether the clutch pedal was the accelerator pedal before I even got started.  So for the rest of the trip so far, Rich has done all the driving. Bar the time a bunch of men started yelling at me to move the car because we had driven into a Norwegian mountainside lookout in the wrong direction and the car was no in the way of a huge tourist bus with nowhere to go. I desperately searched for Rich who had taken one of the kids to the loo and then masterfully drove the car up an embankment and out of the way. But I guess that’s another story.

We had a very short visit to Møn, but it was a wonderful start to our Scandinavian adventures.  We really fell in love with the place.

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Scroll past these photos for a slideshow of an art exhibit within the Geocentre that involved fire and water together, at the same time and same place that I thought was awesome.  I’m sure it had something to do with chalk or flint, but I don’t think that was the point.

Very cool artwork that involved fire interacting with water. I know, totally awesome.

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5 Replies to “Møns Klint. The White Chalk Cliffs of Møn, Denmark”

  1. Beautiful light indeed! Looks like a great place to explore, although the Geocentre sounded a bit too much 😉
    Also-that fire/water artwork is spectacular!

    1. Oh how I loved the summertime light in Scandinavia. I think we really hit the sweet spot in terms of timing for our trip to Scandinavia.
      The Geocentre is optional. (: You can walk down the steps for free, though, of course, then you would miss the fire/water artwork. (;

  2. “I asked whether the clutch pedal was the accelerator pedal before I even got started.”

    Ha! I would have switched into the driver’s seat, too. 🙂

    Do you know I had no idea they had white cliffs in Denmark. So that’s how much I know about Denmark. Love your geotourism 🙂

    1. I don’t really enjoy driving, so it worked out well for me too. Sometimes I feel I should take the opportunity to experience it and then we get to another crazy roundabout and I change my mind!

      It’s surprised me how much I have enjoyed seeing all the different landforms on our trip. I didn’t really think of myself as an outdoorsy type, but I look forward to our ‘nature hikes.’ You may have really hit on something with the ‘geotourism,’ I regularly find myself looking up the geology/geography of where we are. Funny, since I was completely uninterested at school. (:

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