The most amazing BnB on the island of Møn, Denmark

This lovely BnB we found on the island of Møn, Denmark was amazing. Out-of-the-movies type of amazing.  Perhaps I was still high from the ferry ride and the excitement from the beginnings of our adventures, but it truly felt like I was dreaming being in this extraordinary place. Take a look at the pictures and you will begin to know what I mean.

It had been another long day on the road when arrived on the island, the GPS wasn’t co-operating in the remote location and we were quite anxious about exactly what awaited us our destination.  A tattoo-covered local shop assistant kindly used her mobile coverage to pinpoint our destination, and with a photo of her screen we were back on track.  We drove through fields of sugar beet and grain, down a winding dirt road and into the courtyard of a beautiful old farm building paved with cobble stones.  We couldn’t believe our luck, it was wonderful.

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I was completely delighted with all the flowers in bloom to photograph, the children were delighted with the enormous grassed area out the back to run about in and Rich was delighted we had reached the right place.  Our accommodation was part of the farm building converted to a meticulously clean rustic apartment.  The owners were welcoming and quietly spoken.  They asked if we wanted breakfast and we said yes.  We asked where to go for dinner and they told us ‘the butcher.’ On both counts we couldn’t have been more surprised (for a review of ‘the butcher’ restaurant click here).

We had been enjoying hotel buffet breakfasts for the past few days and I thought I’d better set appropriate expectations for the children of ‘bread rolls, krockerbrød and cereals.’ We entered the dining room of the hosts’ living quarters and we were gobsmacked.  The most awesome breakfast we had ever witnessed lay out in front of us on a red tablecloth. It felt like such special occasion we all began to speak in whispers. Our youngest told us the table looked like it was ‘set up for a wedding,’  the presentation was so beautiful. We sat down and tried to take it all in, but we couldn’t.  There was ‘bread rolls, krockerbrød and cereals,’ but also pancakes, vegetable crudités, cheese, cold meats, fresh fruit and berries, fermented milk (Filmjölk) and more. We were already over the moon and then in came a freshly-made omelette. Our eyes popped out of heads and again we couldn’t believe our luck. There were giggles of joy and more excited whispers.  We ate and we ate and we ate. Probably too much. And we did it all again the next morning.

In between breakfasts we visited some amazing white cliffs that I’ll write about soon, enjoyed an excellent dinner and investigated the farm buildings and garden, but honestly, for all of us it was really all about the breakfasts.

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    1. No vineyard, but we enjoyed the beer in Denmark. I don’t think they make much wine (from grapes) in Scandinavia. We have been enjoying wine in Germany and France though. (:

  1. This BnB sounds like the perfect accommodation for my family! Can you please let me have the name of the place and address?

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